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M's Place

A place I can empty my head....

23 December 1974
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I was raised in a home that didn’t approve of my music or lifestyle choice. As I grew, I created a love and bond with the hiphop music and culture that I knew someday I would be able to contribute to.

In 1997, I married Ryan Abeo, aka RA Scion of Common Market Ryan, also having a love for Hiphop since the 70s – had been writing lyrics and music since the 80s, however never put any of it to any use.

Putting our talents together, I used my Business degree and organizational skills to start SCIONtific Records put out the labels first two albums. In 2003 “Apostrophe”, a 7 track EP from RA Scion was released Nationally and did well on over 150 college Hiphop charts. Then in 2004, we released “Live & Learn” a 19 track LP that is still charting on top ten college charts almost 9 months later. Then in 2005 - we teamed up with fellow Baha'i, Sabzi (also of Blue Scholars) - to create Common Market.

I considers my first and foremost job that of a mother and always will be. We have a 12 year old daughter we consider an "old soul" - who is the light of our lives. She teaches us things daily and we like to think we are walking the road of life with her.